Louisiana needs
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more than ever.

Democracy thrives when a fair-minded press keeps citizens informed and shines light on issues of widespread importance.

With the help of donors across Louisiana, we are striving to publish journalism that makes a difference in people’s lives and improves the state we all love. Our mission is to seek and report the full truth, and to adhere to the highest journalistic principles of accuracy, fairness, and community service.

But this cause requires continued support. We need to fortify, expand, and sustain our work for years and decades to come.


Our top priority is to be a force for good. We want to shine light on the issues that matter most in Louisiana — and point the way toward solutions. We need your help.

Rene Sanchez – Executive Editor

Our Values

We are committed to serving the public, across Louisiana. Our newsrooms are independent, bound to no interest but the truth. Every day, our journalists work to earn and keep your trust by reporting accurately and fairly. These are our unwavering, bedrock priorities.

The Times-Picayune, The Advocate, The Acadiana Advocate and The Shreveport-Bossier City Advocate maintain full editorial control over the stories and other content paid for by the Louisiana Journalism Fund. Funders do not have special access to the newsroom or input into what stories we pursue.

Donors are not informed about the reporting process, nor are they allowed to review content prior to publication.

The Louisiana Investigative Journalism Fund is a component fund of the Greater New Orleans Foundation, a Section 501(c)(3) organization. GNOF has exclusive legal control over all funds received. Accordingly, contributions to the Fund are treated for tax purposes as gifts to a Section 501(c)(3) public charity and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The work that we do has reach and impact.


Our journalism reaches more than 6 million unique digital readers every month across the world with 3.5 million of those coming right here in Louisiana. NOLA.com and TheAdvocate.com are the top two local news websites in the state by a wide margin. Plus, our daily newspapers in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette reach more than 600,000 readers each month. 


Our reporting is prompting state government leaders to overhaul the agency that’s supposed to protect vulnerable children. Our reporting is shining light on solutions to the state’s insurance crisis. Our reporting is examining why Louisiana chronically has one of the worst rates of infant mortality in the country and is showing what can be done about it.

The work of our journalists

For Dear Life: Louisiana’s Infant Mortality Crisis
Collapse: The insurance meltdown in Louisiana
A Bleeding City: The plague of violence in New Orleans
Sworn & Protected: An examination of Louisiana's failure to rein in abusive police
Suffering so young: A child welfare system in crisis
Tilting the Scales
Polluter's Paradise: Louisiana's Chemical Corridor
Disaster After Disaster: The failings of storm recovery
Louisiana 2050

Watch how the power of our journalism changes lives.

Thank you to all who have donated to the Louisiana Journalism Fund. We are grateful for your contributions.

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Editor’s Roundtable

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Rene Sanchez

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